Risk Rings:
Leading Causes of Death

Diseases and injuries cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans each year. Here, we present the 15 leading causes of death - both diseases and injuries are represented.

Use your mouse and click the rings. See the "odds of dying" from any of the diseases or injuries presented. The ‘odds of dying’ is reported here as the number of people expected to produce one death from a particular cause. This number is calculated by dividing the United States population, approximately 300 million people, by the number of deaths from each cause during 2002. Using this method, 771 people would be expected to yield one death from active smoking . In contrast, 5,882,353 Americans would yield one death from exposure to the dry cleaning chemical, perchloroethylene.

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American Council
on Science and Health

New York

Year 2002 statistics were the most recent complete statistics available. Total USA deaths in 2002 were 2,443,387.